Kyosho Giles 202

This is Kyosho's 60 size ARF. Eric bought it new off eBay for under $200 (including shipping).

Here it is, just completed, very early one morning in Sept 2002. In this picture it sports an old OS .61SF

Eric usually likes others to check out his plane before his first flight.
Here we are starting it for his big, first flight.

After 4 frustrating dead-stick landing, we replaced the old motor with an OS .61FX.
Here it is taxing out with that motor for the first time. What a difference a dependable motor makes!

"Ramming speed captain", wait, that's "firewall it for takeoff!"

Here is an interesting 2-point landing. We'll have to try that again...

That's the right 2-points.
In between take off and landing we found unlimited vertical; half throttle, climbing knife-edge; hands-off inverted; and snaps. What a great plane. The small wheels and wheel pants don't seem to bother it at all. I have flown a friends with a 4-stroke Saito .91. It's fantastic with that motor, too.

Victory! Presented here is one happy new owner.

The ARF was easy to put together, and is awesome to fly. The instructions are interesting because there are very few words. It is mostly cartoonish illustrations. It was easy to understand except for where to put the CG. The CG is clearly labeled but where it is measured from is anything but obvious. Fortunately my friend put his together without giving the problem due consideration. It worked! So, in the end, we used his location.