Steven's Stick

Steven with his Stick. He picked this plane up at an auction in November 2000. We added and old Tower .40 and the radio gear. It flys a little fast, and isn't super responsive, and it's ugly, but it's his and he likes it.

A nice landing.

Steven hangs it in his room. Good, I'm running out of room in the basement.

The plane came with a 3-channel (no aileron) wing, and this wing with very simple aileron servo linkage.


Steven was on the controls on 5/20/2001 -- a windy evening. The stick was on the downwind leg of the landing pattern when it suddenly rolled inverted and dove behind some trees. It was found over a quarter of a mile away, 50 feet inside a heavily wooded area after 6 hours of searching. Cause of crash is not known. The receiver and servos suffered no damage. The engine required a $0.99 part.