Steven's PT20 Killer Bee

This is Steven with his PT20. His grandfather built this plane and flew it a couple of times. He gave the plane to Steven after Steven's PT40 spun in. Steven had his first solo flight while flying this plane in October 2000.

There's plenty of space to spare in this wide body.

Steven's grandfather had a Fox .15 on this plane. We found that it was under powered with that engine. We replaced it with this OS.25LA and now it's just right. This is a great little engine. I recently discovered that all 4 screws on the backer plate had fallen completely out. The plate would have fallen off if not for the firewall. The engine wasn't running quite right, but Steven had 3 flights with it in this condition! We didn't find the problem until we got home. The Fox .15 is now on Eric's Snapper.

After mastering a 3 channel trainer, including sustained inverted flight, Steven wanted a more capable plane. So, we modified the plane. Steven now calls it "Killer Bee".

We took all of the dihedral out of the wing, made it semi-symmetrical and added large ailerons. We increased the size of the elevator and rudder and changed it to a tail-dragger. We removed the spunky .25 motor and replaced it with a Tower .40. The bumps on the top of the wing are the aileron servos.

It's a totally different plane now, and Steven is having a blast with it.