Sig Fazer
Over 400 Flights, and the fun continues!

This is a Sig Fazer. It is a fun-fly type plane with a profile fuselage. All of the electronics are in the wings. It has a 44" wing span. I had an old Super Tiger .40 on it for a long time, but now have an OS .46FX for more power.
Don Geldof gave me this plane with the wing partially assembled by someone else. Thanks Don. This plane is a blast! The ailerons have 2" of throw in each direction. Full rate rolls are lightning fast.

Here it is just before it's maiden flight; 5/19/01.

It's so nice when they come back in one piece!

Super Tiger .40 with 6 ounce tank

Eric Hovers the Fazer into a landing
Click to see the movie (4.5 meg)