Electric Elfi

This is an Elfi. It is an electric park flyer with a speed 280 motor geared 5:1. I fly it with an 8-cell 270mAh NiCad pack. I get 10-15 minutes of flight out of it. I have flown this in 10+ mph winds, but I don't recommend it (and I won't do it anymore). It is gentle and easy to fly. It will loop easily, but it won't roll or stay inverted.


The on/off switch is on the left. The nice thing about this plane is I take it out of my trunk, flip the switch, toss it in the air an fly. When done, it's still clean and I put it away.

I put charge stubs on the right side. When it needs a charge I clip my peak charger to these jacks. In 15 minutes it's ready again. Nothing to remove.

Here's a look into the back of the plane. The wing bolts on with 2 nylon screws. I leave the wing on all the time. It has 2 micro servos (servo taped to the walls), a 2 Amp speed controller, and a GWS receiver. I was worried about the range of this single conversion receiver, but it hasn't been a problem.

Elfi in its "hanger". A couple of hard landings on its nose wheel caused the crack seen on the side. This seems to be its weekest point. I have beefed it up a little now.

See a MPEG movie of Elfi landing. 3.12MB