Shots of Boston

4/18/05 & 4/19/05

Fenway, 4/17/05
Aquarium, 4/18/05

Mike outside Paul Revere's house

Old North Church

Inside the Old North Church

Paul Revere's statue

USS Constitution (Old Ironsides)

Self portrait on the trolley ("I wanted to see how my hair looks when it blows")

"I look gooood"

"Here's how it looks on the wind"

A bunch of skyline pictures from Boston harbor

A Vanguard 420 race about to start

The basement's a little wet.

The Sailing Club of Boston

Haverhill train station

The commuter train we took Haverhill to Boston and back on Monday and Tuesday

Near Quincy Market

Lunch in Feneuil hall

Harbor tour, or as they say in Boyston, "Habah too"

Outside the Aquarium

Taking a load off and watching a street performer

One of the many subway tunnels

Commuter locomotive at North Station. The trains are pushed all the way from the burbs into the station, and pulled out.

Commuter train. 1-hour each way. $22 per family round trip.

Big Dig suspension bridge. In the winter ice forms on the cables and drops onto cars. They're looking for a way to heat the cables.

Some old gravestones in an old cemetery

One of the Constitution's guns

Enlisted men's racks

Officer's quarters

Officer's mess

Ship shape hotel

Subway train

Fenway, 4/17/05
Aquarium, 4/18/05